Any changes to investment elections or transfers among investment options can be made either by logging on to the participant’s account through the Program’s website or by calling 800.348.2272.

No. Participants can only perform these transactions online or by telephone.

Yes, by opening a Self-Directed Brokerage Account (SDBA) and transferring funds from the existing investments to the SDBA.  Note that certain restrictions apply since the SDBA is part of a qualified retirement plan. Participants are required to maintain at least $2,500 in the core investment options.

Account Reallocations

How to reallocate existing funds

Participants can reallocate existing holdings among the Program investment options on a daily basis. Reallocations are based on the net asset value of each fund.

Participants can reallocate their account by accessing the website at ABA Retirement Funds or by calling the Customer Service Center at 800.348.2272

Reallocating accounts using the website

  1. Participant accesses our website at ABA Retirement Funds and proceeds to Participant Login.
  2. Participant enters his/her Social Security number (or, if applicable, the Username he or she has created) and password (see the link “Forgot Your Password?” for instructions on obtaining a password reminder or resetting the password).
  3. Participant selects the plan for which the transaction is being processed.
  4. Participant goes to the “Manage Investments” tab to change investment elections for future contributions, reallocate current balances or perform a fund transfer.
  5. The Program processes the participant’s request and issues a confirmation notice.

Reallocating accounts over the phone

  1. Participant calls the Customer Service Center at 800.348.2272 and follows the directions to complete the transaction.
  2. The Program processes the participant’s request and issues a confirmation notice.

Important notes on account reallocations

Due to the 45-day transfer restriction on the International All Cap Equity Fund and the International Index Equity Fund, account reallocations that include these funds cannot be performed online or through the automated voice unit. However, Customer Service Associates can assist with the account reallocation by telephone.

An account reallocation does not affect the way in which future contributions are invested. See the Changing Investment Elections page for information on changing the way future contributions are invested.