The Program offers year-end and mid-year nondiscrimination testing for 401(k) plans, top heavy testing for all plans, and contribution calculations.  Respond to our solicitation email in the first month of your plan year begins to request these services, offered at no additional cost.  The Program will reach out to you in the eighth month of the plan year to offer a mid-year nondiscrimination test if you sponsor a non-safe harbor 401(k) plan.

Form 5500 is an annual report that informs the government regarding demographic and financial information for the plan.  It is an important tool that allows regulators to monitor retirement plan trends.  The filing deadline is the last day of the seventh month following your plan year-end.  The Program will prepare and provide Form 5500 to be filed through our eFile website and email you the filing notifications when it is ready to be filed.

The Program will ensure that the master and prototype plan is in regulatory compliance, if you have adopted the prototype.  To ensure that your plan is in operational compliance, see the compliance checklist.

Program Administrator Communications

The Program will automatically send you the following communications:

  • Plan totals report (quarterly and annually)
  • Monthly loan report (if the plan contains outstanding loans)
  • Summary plan description (SPD)
  • Summary of material modifications (SMM)
  • Summary annual report (SAR)
  • 408(b)(2) Service Provider Disclosure
  • IRS opinion letter on the form of master prototype Program plan you have selected
  • Master trust agreement
  • Program Investment Policy Statement
  • Annual Program Report

The Service Provider Disclosure is intended to inform plan fiduciaries of the services each plan service provider performs, and the cost of those services, in accordance with ERISA Section 408(b)(2).

Plan Totals Report

As Plan Administrator, you will receive quarterly statements and an annual summary detailing plan activity and totals for the quarter and plan year (the fourth quarter statement is the annual summary).

Communications provided on request

Upon request, the Program will send you the following:

  • Forfeiture allocations
  • Employer contribution calculation