This section contains information on how to process death claim requests. As Plan Administrator, you will need to determine who the eligible beneficiaries are, as well as what forms of benefit payments are allowed under the plan.

This section provides a detailed description of your role, as well as that of the plan beneficiary and the Program.


In the chart below, you will find the steps to process death claims.

Steps for Requesting a Death ClaimPlan Beneficiary’s RolePlan Administrator’s RoleThe Program’s Role
1. Determine if a beneficiary is eligible to request benefits and what forms of payment are allowed; if applicable, send the beneficiary forms to complete along with the notice of taxable distribution  
2. Decide on payment option and when to begin survivor benefits  
3. Complete and send Death Benefits Claim Form to you, along with a certified copy of participant’s death certificate  
4. Send Death Benefits Claim Form and certified copy of the death certificate to the Program  
5. Process Death Benefits Claim Form  
6. Send check to beneficiary  
7. Send IRS Form 1099-R to beneficiary and IRS