By checking your eligibility requirements in your adoption agreement, and the definition of entry date. This is all found in section 3 of the adoption agreement. If your firm elected the one year of eligibility criteria, this also requires that the employee work 1,000 hours of service in that first year of employment.

See the link for Program Enroll in the upper right area of the Enrollment Package or on the homepage of our website. Employees enroll themselves in your plan.

Notify the Program of their employment status change by submitting a Participant Data Change Form.


 What To Do When…Plan Administrator’s Role
A participant is newly eligible for the plan
(see “How to Enroll” under Eligibility, Enrollment & Participant Data Changes and “Important Plan Documents“)
Send enrollment kit to participant (or forward the link) no later than 30 days before the participant’s eligibility date (or on the date of eligibility if the plan allows immediate eligibility)Send summary plan description (SPD) to participant no later than 90 days after eligibility date
A participant enrolls in the plan
(see “How to Enroll” under Eligibility, Enrollment & Participant Data Changes)
Review, sign, date and send the Enrollment Form and Beneficiary Designation Form to the Program
A participant establishes a Personal Choice Retirement Account (“PCRA”)
(see “Opening a Self-Directed Brokerage Account” under Investment Election Changes & Transfers)
None; participant sends PCRA application directly to Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
The firm and participants contribute to the plan 
(see “Submitting Contributions & Loan Repayments” under Contributions
Calculate amount of firm’s/participants’ contributionsSubmit contributions and/or loan repayments through Payroll/Administration if that is your preferred method; orPrepare, sign, date and send the Contribution and Loan Repayment Remittance Form, with contributions to the Program and make your check payable to ABA Retirement Funds ProgramPrepare, sign, date and send the Notification of Contributions by Wire Form,along with the Contribution and Loan Repayment Remittance Form if remitting contributions by wirePrepare, sign, date and send the Rollover Certification Form, if remitting a rollover contribution and ensure the rollover check is payable to ABA Retirement Funds Program, FBO (participant’s name)
A participant changes investment elections 
(see Investment Election Changes & Transfers)
Participant may access his or her account through the “Participant Login” at, or participant may call the Customer Service Center at 800.348.2272 to use the automated system or speak with a Customer Service Associate
A participant requests a loan, requests a loan reamortization or defaults on a loan 
(see “Loans” under Accessing Funds)
For requests — participant may request the loan through the website or Customer Service Center, or you may review, sign, date and send the Loan Request Form to the ProgramFor reamortizations – you and the participant complete, sign and send the Loan Reamortization Request Form to the ProgramFor defaults — complete and send the Loan Default Form to the Program
A participant requests a hardship withdrawal
(see “Hardship Withdrawals” under Accessing Funds)
Review, sign, date and send the Hardship Withdrawal Form to the Program (ensure you maintain copies of the underlying documentation that demonstrate participant meets one of the safe harbor hardship withdrawal criteria.)
A participant requests a distribution after he or she has left the firm, retires, or is still employed and meets the age or other withdrawal requirements 
(see “Distributions” under Accessing Funds)
Review, sign, date and send the Distribution Request Form to the Program
A participant dies
(see “Death Benefits” under Accessing Funds)
Review, sign, date and send the Death Benefits Claim Form to the Program, along with a certified copy of the death certificate
You receive an order that may be a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) with respect to a participant’s benefit 
(see QDROs)
1. Notify participant and alternate payee of receipt
2. Notify the Program that an order was received so the Program can secure amounts payable to alternate payee
3. Determine if order is a QDRO
4. Notify participant and alternate payee that order is/is not a QDRO
5. If order is a QDRO, complete and send the Qualified Domestic Relations Order Review Sheet 
There are annual testing, reporting and communication requirements 
(see Compliance & Communications)
1. Provide participant census data to the Program for top-heavy and nondiscrimination testing
2. Review and e-file Form 5500 with Department of Labor (DOL) or review, sign and mail Form 5500EZ to IRS
3. Send summary annual report (SAR) to participants
A participant requests plan-related documents
(see “Important Plan Documents“)
Send plan documents to participant no later than 30 days after you receive request