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Develop a plan, detailing the accounts from which you will be withdrawing money, and the order. Don’t forget – in all likelihood, you will owe taxes on some or all of your withdrawals – so consult a financial professional or tax advisor. Click on the ▼ button below to expand each Income Source and their tips and considerations.



Income Sources

Determine the amount of pension benefits you or your spouse/partner have and when and how much you can withdraw.



Consider minimizing the number of accounts, so it’s easier to track your balance and manage your accounts.

Be careful!
  1. Early distributions before age 59½ equals a mandatory 20% Federal income tax withholding and applicable state tax withholding.1
  2. Premature distributions (excluding rollovers) equal a 10% IRS penalty.1


Drawing Income From Your Program account

  • Set-up a monthly withdrawal plan so you can continue to use the Program’s services and investments, or
  • Keep your savings in your account and defer your withdrawals.

Don’t forget about Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) that may begin at age 72. 

Check out MyOrangeMoney

Click on myOrangeMoney® after logging in to your account at This is an interactive, educational experience to see the income you may need in retirement and the estimated progress you’ve already made toward that goal, based on your current savings.

Find out your benefits and how much you’ll get at certain ages like 62, 67 and 70. Visit for more information.


Working during your retirement years? Check with Social Security to determine if employment will affect your benefits.


Drawing your Social Security Benefits 
You may receive a larger monthly benefit depending on when finally choose to start receiving it.

Social Security Guidance

To help you optimize your payments based on your savings, check out Voya Retirement Advisors’ Social Security guidance. This guidance compares different Social Security strategies and provides clear steps to put guidance into action. To access:

Log into, and click Get Professional Advice at the top of the page.

Follow the You can do the work path until you land on the Overview tab*, then click on the Income Planner tab to begin using Social Security guidance.

* If you are enrolled in Professional Management, clicking this link will take you right to the Overview tab.

  • Stocks, bonds, mutual funds
  • Annuities
  • Cash value life insurance
  • Real estate
  • Other accounts
Being Ready Starts With a Plan

Call Voya Financial Advisors at 844.253.8692 to get started today and receive a complimentary personalized Financial Snapshot.2

If you plan to keep working during your retirement years, estimate your earnings, which will add to your retirement income.

Online Investment Advice and Financial Guidance

Get personalized recommendations you can implement yourself, at any time, using Online Advice and the online tools. Log in to and click the Get Professional Advice link.3

Get Help Planning

Read Get Help Planning Your Retirement Income Strategy for more in-depth information on this topic and for additional information on how to begin taking your RMDs.

  1. Neither Voya® nor its affiliated companies or representatives provide tax or legal advice. Please consult a tax adviser or attorney before making a tax-related investment/insurance decision.

  2. Financial Professionals are Investment Advisor Representatives of, and offer securities and investment advisory services through Voya Financial Advisors, Inc. (Member SIPC). For more complex situations, you can request a personalized financial plan for a fee of up to $1,500.

  3. Advisory Services provided by Voya Retirement Advisors, LLC (“VRA”). VRA is a member of the Voya Financial (“Voya”) family of companies. For more information, please read the Voya Retirement Advisors Disclosure Statement, Advisory Services Agreement and the ABA Retirement Funds Program’s (“Program’s”) Fact Sheet. These documents may be viewed online by accessing the advisory services link(s) through the Program’s web site at after logging in. You may also request these from a VRA Investment Advisor Representative by calling the Program’s information line at 800.348.2272. Financial Engines Advisors L.L.C. (“FEA”) acts as a sub advisor for VRA. FEA is a federally registered investment advisor. Neither VRA nor FEA provides tax or legal advice. If you need tax advice, consult your accountant, or if you need legal advice, consult your lawyer. Future results are not guaranteed by VRA, FEA or any other party and past performance is no guarantee of future results. Edelman Financial Engines® is a registered trademark of Edelman Financial Engines, LLC. All other marks are the exclusive property of their respective owners. FEA and Edelman Financial Engines, LLC are not members of the Voya family of companies. ©2022 Edelman Financial Engines, LLC. Used with permission.

Voya Retirement Advisors, LLC Social Security guidance can provide reasonable estimates that are not guarantees of future benefit payments. All estimates are based upon information about you, your stated goals as well as current Social Security laws, rulings and formulas available from the Social Security Administration. Decisions regarding Social Security are highly personal and depend on a number of factors such as your health and family longevity, whether you plan to work in retirement, whether you have other income sources as well as your anticipated future financial needs and obligations.

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