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#1. Am I or my spouse/partner at least 50 years old?

#2. I have discussed my retirement plans, such as where I want to live, with my family/spouse/partner and have developed a strategy.

#3. I have investigated when I plan to start social security and know what my Social Security income will be in retirement.

#4. I have developed a retirement savings strategy, including a targeted amount of savings accumulated at retirement to generate the level of income I need.


#5. I know how much my accumulated savings at retirement will provide me as income in retirement.

#6. I know the approximate anticipated future income from my investments based on current balances and my savings strategy. These income sources may include 401(k), pension, IRA, savings, etc.

#7. I have discussed my finances with my family/spouse/partner.


#8. I have developed and updated my will to ensure my final wishes will be carried out.

#9. I have advance medical directives in place (i.e., health care proxy, durable power of attorney, and/or living will).

#10. I have my important papers, including those listed above, where my family can find them. I have reviewed the papers with my spouse/partner.

#11. I have reviewed my health (including long-term care coverage), and life insurance coverage for retirement.


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