The ABA Retirement Funds has contracted with Voya to provide recordkeeping services and technology typically made available to large corporate plans. Voya’s dedicated and experienced service team is committed to helping you keep your plan running smoothly. Our services – offered at no additional cost to your firm – include:SELECT SERVICES AVAILABLE THROUGH THE PROGRAMCONVERSION AND PLAN IMPLEMENTATION SERVICES:

  • Plan design consultation
  • Preparation of conversion year Form 5500
  • Cash and/or In-kind conversion
  • Transfer of assets and loans


  • Daily valuation and reconciliation
  • Elapsed time vesting calculations
  • Account rebalancing
  • Ongoing monitoring of participant data


  • Signature-ready Form 5500
  • Non-discrimination testing (ADP/ACP)
  • Top heavy testing
  • Audit package


  • On demand reporting
  • 24/7 Access to investment information
  • Participant Enrollment
  • Contribution and loan repayment submission


  • Annual calendar with important dates
  • Report Card highlighting annual activities
  • Program customized plan administrator bulletin
  • The Retirement Plan Library binder to keep all of your Program documentation at your fingertips

   *All ABA Retirement Fund Program fees are allocated to each investment option (excluding brokerage accounts) and are reflected in each Fund’s expense ratio. These fees are the only costs charged to participants (or employers) for participating in the Program. There are no additional costs to the employer or out-of-pocket expenses for participants. Clients may incur additional expenses through the use of outside service providers, such as a TPA, or CPA to support their plan design or responsibilities as a plan sponsor. Participants may incur costs by opting for certain advisory services or by utilizing the self-directed brokerage account option.

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