Program investment oversight is designed by Mercer Trust Company to provide transparency and security, as well as a proactive and quick response when needed. After each portfolio is thoughtfully constructed, ongoing due diligence is performed on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual basis.

Program Investments

Ongoing due diligence allows for timely identification of manager behavior and performance that may diverge from what is expected. Mercer Trust Company’s evaluation process allows for the identification, monitoring, and ultimately termination of managers whose behavior or performance materially varies from expectations. Catalysts for change are illustrated below:


Mercer Trust Company’s broad reach, disciplined approach, proven processes, and operational integrity are utilized by the Program to deliver professional investment management capabilities. This management and oversight allows you to spend more time focused on the practice of law and ensures that your employees will have access to an investment platform that suits their needs.

1. Investment team’s evaluation of the impact of a termination on the portfolio composition does not necessarily result in a replacement manager or strategy.

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