As you may know, Form 5500 is now filed electronically with the Department of Labor (DOL).  (Form 5500EZ is still filed by mail to the Internal Revenue Service.) If you have not already done so, we will need you to provide us with your e-mail address so that we can coordinate the filing of your Form 5500.  Please go to our “Contact” page to provide it to us via e-mail.  Please reference your six-digit plan number and indicate you are providing us your e-mail address for the Form 5500 filing.

Overview of Form 5500: this piece provides a basic overview of Form 5500 and Schedules and contains other helpful information. Learn about the Form 5500 Information and download the PDF.

Obtaining Your Credentials and E-Filing Instructions: In order for you to be able to electronically submit your Form 5500, you must first get “credentials.” Access the Form 5500 E-Filing Instructions to establish your credentials and to file your Form 5500.

To e-File your Form 5500 please click here for your secure Form 5500.

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