COVID 19 & CARES Act Links and Resources

Below is a series of links to government or private industry webpages that may prove helpful to small businesses working to navigate these unique times. ABA Retirement Funds Program:   US Government Webpage Links: DOL: IRS: US Website: Small Business Administration: Centers for Disease Control: US Chamber of Commerce: … Continued

ARTICLE: 6 Tips to Work From Home Successfully During Lock Down

For many of us that are used to going into an office, working from home on a daily basis is not the norm. Read for tips on how to be successful working from home. I have been working from home since my first corporate job at Accenture in 2010, so I understand the expectations from … Continued

ARTICLE: Navigating market volatility with dollar cost averaging

As you are well aware by now, the stock market has had some volatility these past weeks. While these shifts can increase anxiety, we know a few things for sure. No one can predict what the market will do and when. History and time have shown that volatility often has an upside, especially when you … Continued

ARTICLE: Shook up by market volatility?

The market may fluctuate but focusing on things you can control will help you resist the urge to react on impulse. Don’t panic. The ups and downs of the stock market aren’t as unusual as they may seem The market can be volatile and that makes trying to time the market very risky. Research and … Continued