ARTICLE: Health Savings Accounts May Assist in Employee Retention

Research indicates 70% of employees say benefits are either the most important or a very important factor in accepting a job offer or staying in their current job.1 Health Savings Accounts (“HSAs”) are a benefit that employers that maintain high deductible health plans can offer in an effort to provide a well-rounded benefits package.   … Continued

ARTICLE: How Will You Manage the High Price of Healthcare Costs?

How can you plan to help pay for eligible health care costs today and into your future? A Health Savings Account (“HSA”) may help you save. Individuals who are covered under a high deductible health plan (“HDHP”) have the option to have an HSA.  An HSA balance can be used to pay qualified medical expenses … Continued

Three eggs in a bird's nest.

ARTICLE: Should You Crack Your Nest Egg?

Most people agree that cracking your nest egg before you reach retirement age should be considered an option of last resort. But when life throws something unexpected at you – the loss of a job, an illness, or another need to pay for a large expense – you may find yourself looking at borrowing from … Continued

ARTICLE: Navigating market volatility with dollar cost averaging

As you are well aware by now, the stock market has had some volatility these past weeks. While these shifts can increase anxiety, we know a few things for sure. No one can predict what the market will do and when. History and time have shown that volatility often has an upside, especially when you … Continued

ARTICLE: Shook up by market volatility?

The market may fluctuate but focusing on things you can control will help you resist the urge to react on impulse. Don’t panic. The ups and downs of the stock market aren’t as unusual as they may seem The market can be volatile and that makes trying to time the market very risky. Research and … Continued

Young couple reviewing their employer-sponsored retirement plan together.

ARTICLE: Reasons to save in a 401k or similar employer-sponsored plan

October 29, 2018 Investing in your employer sponsored retirement plan may provide an opportunity for savings. Excuses, excuses, excuses People often put off investing for their retirement. Even if you think “I can’t afford it,” “I’m too young,” or “I don’t understand investing,” you may still be able to take advantage of your employer-sponsored retirement … Continued

A goal without a plan is just a wish.

ARTICLE: Is Your Retirement Plan Realistic?

January 31, 2018 Whether you’re years away from retirement or are about to leave the workforce for good, it’s critical to have a well-thought-out plan in place. Without one, you risk falling short of your financial goals and entering retirement without a clue as to how you’ll spend your days. But while creating a plan … Continued

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ARTICLE: Top 5 Tips to Help You Pay Down Debt

February 21, 2018 Building a healthier financial life, means striking a balance between living for today, while preparing financially for tomorrow. You have multiple savings goals and as your priorities change, it is good to know how best to save for the things that matter most, without sacrificing your own financial future. Here are five … Continued

Mercer’s Second Quarter 2022 Market Review

as of June 30, 2022 High inflation, an increasingly hawkish Federal Reserve and economic uncertainty weighed on markets during the second quarter. Global equities reached bear market territory, with the MSCI ACWI Index, a measure of the global equity market, down 20% year-to-date through June. The simultaneous decline in bonds has made this year particularly … Continued