Investment Election Changes & Transfers

This section contains information that will help you assist participants when they want to:

  • Change their investment elections for future contributions,
  • Transfer existing fund balances, and
  • Reallocate existing fund holdings.

With the exceptions noted below*, participants may generally make changes as often as desired, but no more than once daily. Participants can make changes to their accounts by:

  • Accessing their accounts through the website, or
  • Calling the Customer Service Center at 800.348.2272, and:
    • Using a touch-tone phone, or
    • Speaking with a Customer Service Associate.

Participants seeking investment advice can refer to the Advisory Services, powered by Financial Engines™. See Forms, Tools and Resources for more information on the Advisor Service.

*Please take note of the following Fund restrictions:

    Investors may make not more than one transfer into the International All Cap Equity Fund or the International Index Equity Fund within any 45-day calendar period.
    Contributions to a Defined Benefit or Cash Balance plan may not be invested in, nor may transfers be made to, the Stable Asset Return Fund.
    Transfers from the Stable Asset Return Fund may not be made directly to the Self-Directed Brokerage Account (SDBA). Funds transferred from the Stable Asset Return Fund to the other Program investment options will not be transferrable to the SDBA for 90 days after the initial transfer from the Stable Asset Return Fund.
    Investment elections for contributions by or on behalf of a participant cannot have more than a 15% allocation to the Alternative Alpha Fund. Transfers into the Alternative Alpha Fund by a participant are limited to 15% of the aggregate unit value of all such participant’s investments as of the time of investment. This limitation is imposed in light of the Alternative Alpha Fund’s investment objectives, non-traditional strategies and non-traditional risks relating to these strategies. • Investment elections for contributions by or on behalf of a participant cannot have more than a 95% allocation to the Self-Directed Brokerage Account (SDBA). Transfers into the SDBA are limited such that the participant must always maintain at least $2,500 in one or more of the Program investment options.
    Mercer Trust Company, as trustee of the Collective Trust, reserves the right to take such additional actions with respect to excessive trading activity in the International All Cap Equity Fund, the International Index Equity Fund or other investment options, such as the rejection of transfer requests, as it may, in its discretion, deem appropriate and in the best interest of all investors to curtail excessive trading.

Your role related to change of investment elections, transfers and account reallocations, as well as the role of the plan participant and the Program, is described in detail.


In the chart below, you will find the steps for processing changes in investment elections, transfers and reallocations. The steps must be completed in sequence.

Steps to FollowPlan Participant’s RolePlan Administrator’s RoleThe Program’s Role
Participant Decisions   
1. Change investment elections for future contributions or transfer amounts in existing funds, and decide how to complete the transaction: by Internet or by telephone  
Changing Investment Elections/Transfers/Account Reallocations by Internet or the Telephone   
2. Access the website and follow the directions or call the Customer Service Center  
3. Process request and send confirmation to participant