Participants can view Program information as well as personal account history and information at www.abaretirement.com. This website offers information on the types of retirement plans offered through the Program. The site also lists the investment options under the Program and describes the Self-Directed Brokerage Account (SDBA). In addition to an overview of the investment options, participants will find a list of objectives, strategies and fund advisors. Participants will also find monthly and quarterly fund performance for the investment options, as well as quarterly Morningstar fund profiles. After logging on through the website, participants can:

  • Change a password
  • Request a password reminder
  • Obtain an account balance
  • Obtain fund performance and daily unit values
  • Transfer amounts among investment options
  • Reallocate or rebalance available fund balances
  • Change investment elections for future contributions
  • Model or request a loan
  • Access 24 months’ worth of transaction history
  • Access the Self-Directed Brokerage Account (SDBA), if applicable
  • Elect to view and generate participant statements online (turn off paper statement option)
  • Use interactive retirement planning calculators including myOrangeMoney™
  • Access personal investment advice through Voya Retirement Advisors LLC.
  • View and print helpful education and planning materials on retirement
  • Access I-chat transcripts on retirement and investment topics

Online Account Access

Participants can access their account online at any time at www.abaretirement.com. To log in to their account, participants will need their Social Security number and password (or a Username if previously established by the participant). The site provides login instructions, as well as information about requesting a new password. The first time a participant logs on, he/she will be required to establish “multifactor authentication” by providing a mobile number (for a text message validation code) or email address (for email validation code).  The participant can then register the device so that these codes are not needed in the future.

Once a participant has logged in through “Participant Login,” the website offers the following features:

  • Account — includes “Balances,” which breaks down the participant’s balance by investment option. “Manage Investments” shows the participant, at a glance, the investment elections he or she has made for his or her contributions and allows him or her to make certain changes to contributions or balances. “Loans” details any outstanding loans from the participant’s account and allows him or her to model and/or request a loan. “Withdrawals” shows the participant the type and amount of available in-service withdrawals. “Transaction History” allows the participant to view an account history of all transactions made within the prior 24 months. “Account Activity” and “Pending Transactions” allow participants to view the most recent account history.
  • Personal Information — allows participants to view their personal data.
  • Investments — contains not only current performance figures for all the Program’s investments (YTD, previous three months and previous 12 months), but also daily unit values and a short description of each fund, its objective and investment advisor.
  • Plan Information — gives extensive information about the Program, including Plan Highlights, Participant Services and FAQs.
  • Forms (under Plan Information) — allows participants to download administrative forms.
  • Education and Tools — provides participants with interactive calculators to help project if they’re on track to meeting their retirement goals, as well as past I-Chat transcripts from discussions with financial experts.
  • Most of the Program’s literature can also be found on the main website without having to log on. After accessing the main page at www.abaretirement.com, go to “Resources” and click on the appropriate link.

If participants want more information about the ABA Retirement Funds Program be sure to tell them to access www.abaretirement.com. The main site contains an overview of the Program and the investment options, and by clicking on Participant Login, they can access their own account information.